UpWork Report: 1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely in 2021

A rise in Freelancing

According to Upwork latest “Future of Workforce Pulse Report” released on Tuesday, one in four Americans will be working remotely in 2021 and by 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely. This is a massive 87% increase from the pre-pandemic world.

All companies are adjusting to this new normal and many small business employers are feeling comfortable and getting up to the pace and protocols of their employees working from home. A lot is attributes to a vast range of on-demand video calling apps and systems such as the Facebook workforce that providers amazing collaboration tools and makes everybody catch up to their regular-daily tasks, thus maximizing the organization’s productivity.

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Microsoft in 2021 closed all its brink and mortar retail stores citing a huge shift in consumer behavior buying online.

“Our research shows the long-lasting impact that remote work and Covid-19 are likely to have on how hiring managers think about their organizations,” says Upwork chief economist, Adam Ozimek. “As businesses adapt and learn from this remote work experiment, many are altering their long-term plans to accommodate this way of working.”

According to Ozimek, only 5% of companies complained about remote work citing hardships in managing employees.

This new normal of working from him and its wide growing acceptance is a huge learning curve for small businesses all over the world. It is only anticipated to grow higher in the coming years. Companies have to figure out the best software that best suits their organizational structure and increases efficiency.

A rise in Freelancing:

Work from home gives freedom to employees too. In their spare time, they can work for themselves too. Many Americans have opted for freelancing in the year 2021 and the list will only rise in the coming years.

“Now that employers are more comfortable with remote work they are more adapt to tap freelancers to fill talent gaps,” Ozimek said. “Companies in many sectors are facing fast-moving challenges in this digital economy and they have to scale quickly in a way they may have not done before. That’s where hiring freelance talent comes in.”

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