Update regarding Voice Calls that every Whatsapp user should know about

Whatsapp is launching a new, more modern design for being on call, on both iOS and Android. This update shows who’s speaking in a group call using waveforms, which previously wasn’t available.

Series of updates, such as multi-device support, ‘view only once’ images, desktop app for windows 11; have been made since last year for even further improvement of the most used messaging app globally. But the quality of WhatsApp calls has, if not downgraded, remained the same as any other third-party app with call features.

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The new update (version, which is now being tested by beta testers, makes group calls much more convenient than those that are one on one.

This is a long-awaited update as for years, interacting on calls, on both iOS and android have hardly seen any advancement. People had started switching to other apps such as skype and zoom, because of the improvement and better quality of their video calls, especially group ones.

So to have an advanced technology, which in this case is a neat design that shows who’s speaking through waveforms, will not only make it more favorable to the users but will also drive more people to use WhatsApp for video calls hence improving their public perception. Of course, the standard options like going on mute, ending the call, and turning on the loudspeaker will also be available.


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