Un-hackable underwater communication seems to be a reality now

People have talked about underwater quantum communication but a team of scientists actually decided to take quantum mechanics for a swim. They have become successful now in transmitting quantum entangled particles of light through water. With this achievement, they have shown that there can be an encrypted underwater communication exchange.

The team of scientists from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in search of finding ways for making the communication possible sent information between entangled particles through seawater and proved the method as secure. This is the first time that the information has been transferred in water. The communication has been made possible across a 3.3m long tank of seawater. A similar mechanism can be used to send unhackable information through 900m in the open sea water.

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For performing the task, scientists followed the concept of quantum entanglement that links two distant particles. Particles are linked at a point where the effect of one particle leads to an automatic reaction from its counterpart. Water’s strong capability of scattering light and a prism to create the entangled particles were properly utilized by the scientists. The scientists were able to transpose 98% of the accurate information when both the particles were at opposite sides of the tank.

According to the team of scientists, the results of the experiment have confirmed the possibility of the underwater quantum channel that represents the initial stage of quantum communication.

Via: IBTimes

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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