AI Revolution: UAE Launches AI Chatbots for Government Services

UAE Launches AI Chatbots for Government Services.

According to the Emirates News Agency, the UAE has introduced the U-Ask platform, a centralized chatbot for government services driven by AI.

Users can obtain information on government services, such as service needs, pertinent information based on their preferences, and direct links to applications, via the site, which makes use of generative AI technology.

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The chatbot platform is a component of the UAE government’s digital initiatives, which also involve integrating and coordinating projects and improving system efficiency, according to Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, the minister of state for government development.

The head of government services, Mohamed bin Taliah, stated that the organization and platform would assist many sectors and groups both inside and beyond the nation.

The platform is made to manage a variety of inquiries and requests, from straightforward information requests to more intricate service demands. Furthermore, it offers exhaustive reactions that cover essential details and how to apply for services.

It might give individualized recommendations and ideas in view of the inclinations and earlier associations of users. It was created in a joint effort with Microsoft and PwC Middle East.

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