Stay Alert: ‘Look Who Just Died’ Scam on Facebook Causing Account Lockouts

Facebook scam alert

A fresh Facebook scam is gaining traction. Users have been cautioned by researchers about the “look who just died” scam. In this situation, a programmer seizes a Facebook account and messages the user’s contacts. Everything you need to know about this scam’s operation is provided here.

What is written in the message?

The message bears the words “Look who just died,” alongside a link that seems to take the user to a news report on the decedent’s passing. The beneficiary might be persuaded to think that the deceased was a notable figure or somebody they knew by and by the utilization of terms like “So sad” or “I know you know him/her” in the message.

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Why is it dangerous?

Such links can include malware and expose users’ sensitive information.

What’s the ‘look who just died’ con all about?

Scammers may request Facebook login credentials, which could result in account access and the loss of financial data. Links to fake news sites may also download malware, providing hackers access to user data.

How you could put your friends in danger?

Once they get access to your account, the hacker can lock you out and use it to send identical messages to your friends.

A scam of “Look who just died” not simply on Facebook

Although this fraud typically occurs on Facebook Messenger, you could also receive communications in the form of texts or emails.

How can you stay protected?

Avoid clicking on shady links. Inquire as to whether you maintain that should be certain it’s valid. Utilize antivirus and anti-malware software, update your software and gadget, and empower malware detection in your program.

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