Twitter’s fabric mobile development platform acquired by Google

Twitter’s Fabric Platform that offered numerous services to developers for helping them create, test, and deploy their apps is now being sold to Google. Times are not good for Twitter so the company thought it best to lessen the pressure by selling its Fabric platform.

The interesting thing is that all of the Fabric’s useful services including Crashlytics for reporting crashes,  Answers app analytics, Digits for user authentication, and Nuance for speech recognition will continue to be offered to users under Google. A transition will take place in which people from Fabric will join Google’s Developer Products Group and work alongside the Firebase team. Digits however will still be maintained by Twitter.

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With Fabric Platform out of its hands, Twitter will no longer be able to maintain its connections with the developer community. Also it will also lose the advantage it once had over Facebook after the social network shuttered Parse. In the third quarter of 2016, the company lost more than $100 million which makes it clear that company has a lot of other issues to focus on. For Twitter to sustain on its own, dropping Fabric off its list of services can help in reducing the expenses.

Via: The Next Web

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