Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Shopify, and many other websites are down

Breaking: A Massive cyber attack has taken place and it has put down many websites including the tech giants such as Twitter, Spotify, Shopify and soundcloud.

Internet Under Attack:

Majority of websites are not accessible for many users all over the world since few hours. The reports are coming in that the outages are the result of DDOS attack (distributed denial of service) on the DNS provider, Hacker News has confirmed. It is one of the largest attack in the cyber history.

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Dyn and other DNS service providers act as a bridge between the URLs one types in their browsers.

These websites are not the only one affected, other websites such as New York times, Fatcow, Airbnb are also down. The users in US face more down time of these sites than Asians.

According to DownDectector’s outage map, US users are under heavy impact because of the DDOS attack. The attack is first of its kind and it has made The White House talk about it.

White House press secretary has issued a statement about this that the Department of Homeland Security is aware of the issue and is looking into the reason of the attacks.

However, Twitter is not working in Pakistan, India for few hours now. We will cover more as we learn more about this serious attack.

Via: TheTechCrunch


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