Twitter launching its biggest redesign

Twitter has made few changes to its platform. It has shifted its attention towards live videos, has opened up its Moments feature for its users, improved its safety efforts, gotten rid of its egg avatars, and has removed character limit from @names from replies. The company has recently made some new changes and has focused on design this time. The Twitter app for iOS users is about to get completely revamped.

There will be four navigation tabs for the iOS users. These tabs are for Home, Notifications, Direct messaging, and Search. For users in order to access their profile, list, and settings etc. will have to swipe right in order to see a whole new navigation menu.

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Another big change is the links to articles and websites will be the opening in Safari’s viewer instead of an in-app viewer. This for easily accessing accounts on websites a user is already signed in to. Also, there are some of the design changes that go beyond the iOS app. like the reply icon has been changed from a curved arrow into a speech bubble. Typography is considered to become more consistent with bolder headlines. The profile photos will now appear rounded instead of in a square form. iOS users will be able to see all these design changes as well users on, Twitter Lite, the Android App and TweetDeck.

Twitter is interested in listening to the feedback for the improvements it has brought to the platform so that it can bring more design updates in future. It is still to be seen how Twitter comes up with its long time users’ request of an edit button for the platform.

Via: Engadget

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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