Twitter chatbots now includes buttons that push to tweet, follow

In recent months, Twitter has enhanced its direct messaging experience. The company announced a way to for businesses to run advertisements that were designed to bring users inside a place where they could interact with business’s chatbot in the form of a Direct Messaging experience.

Recently, Twitter has announced a new feature for enabling businesses to make their followers to make an action instead of just retweets or simple liking. The feature allows businesses to add buttons inside their direct messaging conversations in order to encourage customers to perform different things such as to tweet about the company’s Twitter bot, follow the Twitter account of a business, visit their website, or even begin a chat with another account that a business runs.

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For Direct messages, Twitter has rolled out multiple features including welcome messages, custom profiles, quick replies; location sharing etc. this seems to be a collection of features that are intended to outperform the Facebook Messenger. This features new buttons are pretty much of a basic kind and are not like Facebook where users have to click on items in order to navigate through their interactive experiences. Twitter’s buttons are added to a message that a company sends to a customer.

Twitter users can click on buttons to purchase movie tickets, get connected to a human for getting information about the customer service or to join a company’s reward program. The new buttons can be configured for various purposes that are taking place outside the Direct Message conversations such as composing a tweet, opening up a website within a Twitter application etc.

Initially, businesses can launch up till three buttons to their messages and can customize the call to action text on these buttons. This new feature is rolling out to iOS, Android, and the desktop web and the feature can be accessed through the twitter’s developer API.

Via: Tech Crunch

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