Top Ten Android Apps in 2016

Google’s annual list of top Android apps has recently been released. This list includes top five apps and top five games of this season. The apps are ranked by Google as “top trending” that involves a combination of downloads and popularity at the time apps were released. These are the most trending apps of the year and not the most-downloaded apps of the year.

Top Trending Apps:

These are the top trending apps of 2016.

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Face changer 2:

Face alterations are most common among the Android users. They love to make changes to their photos and Face Changer 2 allows them to make edits with goofy faces and backgrounds.

Download it here.


This is another photo-editing app that gained immense popularity this year. It allows users to make alterations to their photos by using effects and different backgrounds.

Download it here.


This year, Castbox remained as the most popular third-party podcasts app among numerous podcasts available on Google play Store.

Download it here.

Emoji Keyboard Pro:

This is a very good app for Android phones that lack a readily accessible emoji keyboard.

Download it here.


Facebook introduced this app earlier in 2016. This app features filter additions to your face for crazy selfies. This is similar to lenses feature available on SnapChat.

Download it here.

Top Trending Games:

Following are the top trending games of 2016.

Pokemon Go:

Some people may think of Pokemon Go as a silly game but the world went crazy after it. It was played around the world and even got banned at some places. But during 2016, it was impossible not to see people playing the game on their phones trying to catch a Pikachu or Dragonite or various other monsters while walking in the streets.

Download it here.

Clash Royal:

Clash Royal dominated the gaming world this year as well. In the tower of defense type of games, Clash Royal remained most popular.

Download it here.

Traffic Rider:

Traffic Rider is the best game for people who love to do speed racing through highways on a motorcycle.

Download it here. is an advanced version of the classic snake game. It allows the player to grow their snake as large as they want without hitting their enemies.

Download it here.

Dream League Soccer:

This is another most trending game of the year and remained most popular among soccer lovers.

Download it here.

Via: Business Insider

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