Top 6 rules to follow to never give up

If you are thinking of giving up now, just remember that your worst days come right before success. And this means that most things aren’t impossible to achieve, but people give up too soon. This is actually the number one reason that makes people don’t achieve what they want in life. there could be many reasons as you didn’t get the first job you wanted so you just gave up, the first business you started working on failed so you just gave up, you got turned down when the first time you sent in a writing piece-so you just gave up.

There could be any reason to give up but the chances are as you didn’t get what you wanted right away, so you gave up. But what if you don’t give up? What if you tried the second and third time and you could get what you wanted? You might not give it importance but the one thing that makes people successful in life is that they keep going and never give up.

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Luckily, not giving up is a skill so you can learn and below are the strategies that you can adapt to help you next time you want to quit:

1. Focus on the bigger picture of life:

When you feel like giving up on your dreams, think of everything bigger than yourself. Look at the bigger picture and you will find so many compelling reasons that will motivate you never to quit what you are doing.

2. Remember why is it important:

There might be plenty of days where you feel like you cannot go forward anymore. But it is the time when you should remember why you want to do whatever it is. It would be even better if you write it down and attach it in front of your mirror. It will give you motivation to never give up for the purpose you are working for.

3. Have faith:

Your belief on something can be the biggest motivator in life. So, stay connected no matter whatever religion you belong to and keep praying. Remind yourself that everything that happens, it happens for good. It will transform your mind and will give you the courage never to give up.

4. Value your support system:

No one can live life alone; you need to have a support system around you to lift you up when you fall and to encourage you when you are feeling down. These are the people who are your friends, family, and with whom you create relationships in the community. Value their opinions and stay connected to them no matter how tough your professional life is.

5. Don’t let the negative opinions stop you:

When you are pursuing your dreams, there will be many people you will come across who will try to stop you with their negative opinion. If you want to chase your dreams, listen to your own heart. Do not pay attention when they make an effort to discourage you. Instead, ignore whatever they say and don’t let them win.

6. Keep on learning:

Your life stops when you stop learning. For bringing a change in life, place yourself in circumstances you are not used to. The struggles to get out of that uncomfortable situation will help you learn the new techniques to overcome challenges. Prepare yourself for the tough situations and keep learning so that you don’t ever give up in life.

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