Top 15 Twitter accounts with the most followers

Twitter is an amazing social media platform with around 321 million monthly users worldwide. We have covered The Top 10 most powerful politicians in the world. Now, Let’s take a look at who are the top 15 people and brands on Twitter and how many people follow these accounts.

15. Britney Spears


Followers: 56 Million

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14. Selena Gomez


Followers: 57 Million

13. Donald J. Trump


Followers: 59 Million

12. Kim Kardashian West


Followers: 60 Million

11. Ariana Grande


Followers: 61 Million

10. Justin Timberlake


Followers: 64 Million

9. YouTube


Followers: 71 Million

8. Ellen DeGeneres


Followers: 77 Million

7. Cristiano Ronaldo


Followers: 77 Million

6. Lady Gaga


Followers: 78 Million

5. Taylor Swift


Followers: 83 Million

4. Rihanna


Followers: 90 Million

3. Justin Bieber


Followers: 105 Million

2. Barack Obama


Followers: 106 Million



Followers: 107 Million


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