Top 10 most powerful politicians in the world

Political skills are best acquired by practicing. The extent, to which this skill is invested, varies greatly. A politician’s professionalism is directly related to the amount of attention given to learning these skills. People who master these skills become the powerful politicians and are considered to play a crucial role in the development and to build strong powerful systems.

Being a politician is not an easy job but there are few people who know how to truly conduct systems. Following is the list of most powerful politicians around the world

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  1. Xi Jinping:

    Xi Jinping is one of the most influential senior politicians and has ranked as the President of the People’s Republic of China. For development of the nation, he has signed many important projects and knows how to make strong ties with other nations of the world.

  2. Imran khan:

    Imran Khan is also considered to be a powerful politician as he carried out a campaign against the ruling party PML in Pakistan. He is known to place forward ideas and intentions for growth of Pakistan.

  3. Vladimir Putin:

    When it comes to most confident, diligent, and trustworthy leaders on the globe, Vladimir Putin is one such name. His policies are admired by the Russian people and have been appointed as second and fourth president of the state.

  4. Manuel Valls:

    Manuel Carlos is one of the French politicians who despite serving for only two years, is considered the most powerful. He is one of the broad-minded politicians and is also the most talented. Manuel is listed on top when it comes to most sensible leaders of the world.

  5. Donald Trump:

    The master manipulator Donald Trump is the most powerful president of United States. He is one of the successful investors in the Silicone Valley along with his duties for controlling the country.

  6. Narendra Modi:

    Narendra Modi comes in the list of most experienced leaders who know how to maintain a position in list of most powerful politicians. He is making all efforts to make his country corruption free to place India’s name as one of the developed nations of the world.

  7. David Cameron:

    Serving the United Kingdom from May 2010 to July 2016, David William Donald Cameron is also one of the most powerful leaders around the globe. His polite and friendly nature is a big reason for keeping ties with many other nations of the world.

  8. Angela Markel:

    Angela Markel is one of the most influential leaders currently serving Germany as a Chancellor. In 1990, she was elected as the first deputy spokesperson of East German Government. She is also one of the most experienced leaders of all.

  9. Hillary Clinton:

    Serving as the first Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001, Hillary Clinton was also a strong nominee for the country’s 2016 elections.

  10. Dilma Rousseff:

    Dilma Rousseff is considered one of the most dominant politicians around the world. Being an economist, she served Brazil as the 36th President from 2011 until August 2016.

Via: FoxNewsPoint

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