Tips to keep your business afloat during the pandemic

When the coronavirus first appeared in early 2020, it completely transformed life the world over. With social distancing, isolation, and full lockdowns becoming the norm through the past year, businesses have struggled to adapt and many have, sadly, already fallen by the wayside.

To make matters worse, despite recent optimism and a relaxing of lockdowns across many territories in the US and Europe, it seems the world is poised for the return of the virus in a dreaded second wave, predicted by so many scientists earlier in the year. 

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Lessons learned through the past few months

However, while it’s true there have been very few positives to be taken from COVID-19, the last few months have at least taught us how to manage life through the virus and find ways to keep society – and commerce – functioning. Here are just a few ways you can help protect your company and hopefully ride out the other side of the virus leaner, fitter, and stronger than ever. 

Provide your staff the network needed for remote working

Working from home became the only option for many companies to keep operating through the first phase of the virus and it’s a practice that looks likely to be with us for a good while yet. However, remote working needs the right tech – it’s not enough to simply send your staff home with a laptop and expect them to continue to perform at their best. Rather, you need to start thinking about providing them with the tools and connectivity to still do their jobs, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

While you likely already have an in-house IT network, you need to extend it so it can operate out of the office too. Companies like HLB System Solutions have the skills, technology, and experience to deliver bespoke, secure networking solutions built entirely around your firm’s particular requirements to allow your staff to maintain their productivity while working from home.

Analyze your spending and find ways to economize 

In normal times it’s very common for companies to run with overheads and excesses that aren’t essential to their operation. However, these times are far from normal so try to identify areas of your company’s spending that isn’t providing a specific and beneficial Return on Investment (ROI). You may be surprised just how much your company wastes. 

Common areas where savings can be made include property/rent costs, utility bills, excessive marketing, software subscription fees, travel expenses, and staff wages. 

Adapt to the new normal – it may be with us longer than you think

Without exception, the businesses that fared best through coronavirus have been those that had the power to adapt quickly to our rapidly changing world – often called the new normal. 

There’s little point continuing dinosaur-like with your head buried in the sand hoping things will improve. If you have flagging areas in your business, you need to address them now. 

Many scientists predict coronavirus could be with us for months, possibly years – while some even suggest COVID-19 could be here forever and we will just have to learn to live with it.

However, if you study your current business model closely, you’ll likely find there are areas where you could quite easily invoke change. For example, if you previously specialized in face-to-face sales, try moving your processes online more and invest in time- and money-saving software to help improve your efficiency.  


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