Time Management on Paper

In today’s world, every hour that is spent on computer is an hour away from your life. Therefore, as the technology is advancing, people are returning to past in search of something important that innovation has left behind. Even with the easy availability of a computer backup and a computer version that can be printed back to paper as you need, more people are considering paper system as the best. Without the need of a glowing screen, paper helps you to write whatever you have in your mind, manage your schedules, and edit them using all the creativity you have.

The reasons for going back in time are simple but really satisfying. These reasons are so strong that they compel you to leave the sync between digital devices and focus on your work without being distracted.

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1. It is less distracting:

Digital applications have turned out as a miracle in connecting you to the rest of the world, but that comes with the expense of your attention. When you are making a time schedule, you find it hard to concentrate because of the email alerts or reminders. They keep you away from focusing completely on planning your days, weeks, and months. But when you have a paper in front of you, its simplicity helps you to focus on how you are planning and what importance every task actually has. You plan everything without any distraction and you not only manage your time but also understand it completely.

2. It requires an effort:

Writing a schedule on a piece of paper requires your time and attention. You have to be careful so that you don’t make any mistakes as copy paste is not an option. If anything is written wrong, you will have to write it all over again. But writing physically helps you to deliberate more meaningfully on the tasks that you set for yourself.

3. It depicts your personality:

Non-digital time management generally is more customizable. It encourages you to craft a personal task management system in your own image. You can create it and learn about yourself and your own habits which you will never be able to know while managing through digital devices.

4. It is a mindfulness practice:

Managing your schedule in a non-digital way is really enjoyable. It is a kind of mindfulness practice that helps you to remain focused and be more productive. It allows you to connect with yourself and your thoughts in a way which is not possible with the help of digital tools.

5. It always works:

When it comes to learning and remembering course material, pen is powerful than the keyboard. Science has already validated the benefits of writing on paper as it lessens the time screen and reduces distractions. But also because when you write something, you develop a deep connection with your brain that helps to remember everything for a longer period of time.

Via: Forbes

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