This Tiny 55mm Cube is the Smallest Personal Computer

They say “good things come in small packages”?. This seems absolutely true with the CuBox-i4Pro. Created by SolidRun. This mini personal computer is pretty small, smaller than a regular tennis ball but wears a heavy blow.

It comes with Wi-Fi, an HDMI output, Bluetooth, an SD Card slot, Ethernet, two USB ports, a Quad Core processor, and holds 2GB for memory. It also comes with an 8GB micro SD preloaded with either (you choose) Android or OpenELEC/XBMC. PLUS…it’s less than $150.

Very Tiny Size


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A Tennis ball is bigger in dimension


All a PC should have



Runs Kodi


More Reviews (Video)

News Via: Diply

Pictures: Android Authority

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