This brave Entrepreneur changed his life by working from hospital bed

It is easy to get a business advice from people but it is actually a rare opportunity to learn about experiences from someone who has made his way through limited resources. One of the fastest growing pharmaceutical generic companies in the world Alvogen is being led by one such person who proved nothing is impossible. The entrepreneur and creator of three global life sciences companies, Robert Wessman has a journey that is based on courage and persistence.

In 2014, a cycling accident resulted in his broken spine and multiple herniated disks in the back. He suffered injuries to his face and hands. He overcame the setback with the help of his family and friends and took his recovery as a challenge. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he preferred standing from the same point he was before the accident. Positivity and focus helped him in rebuilding his body’s functionality and strength.

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Just with the help of an iPad he remained engaged with his business that was attached to his hospital bed.

For him, being an entrepreneur is all about having the courage take the action when others are not willing to. He considers persistence as the key to staying motivated throughout the journey. The setback taught him more than he could have possibly learned otherwise. He found out that staying focused propels us forward.

We just need to know where what we are aiming for and should find ways to achieve that. Without hesitation or fear, you need to stay motivated and work hard to achieve what you want in life.

He also stresses upon knowing about the field you are working on. You need to have a clear understanding of your company, your employees, and the industry you are working for. He for himself kept things simple and relied on his team, close collaboration with colleagues, customers, and strategic partners.

According to Wessman, his leadership has evolved in this time span. He has learned that by focusing on few selected areas has definitely expanded his horizon. He is a very ambitious person and is driven by the challenges of his competitors. He says that it’s not hard to lead your own way even after setback; you just need to stay motivated and focused on what you are doing.

Via: Entrepreneur

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