Things to do while editing your resume

For writing a perfect resume, you need to have a unique set of lenses to look for mistakes in your resume. It is better to take on the mindset of the employer or a recruiter in order to edit your resume like a professional resume writer.

Following are the do’s and don’ts that help you through the process of editing a resume.

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List your achievements first: 

It is important to mention your most impressive achievements just at the beginning of your resume in order to make a good first impression.

Include soft skills:

Include some soft skills while writing your resume because these are the intangible assets that employers usually look for in resumes.

Customize your resume for different jobs:

You need to write one resume and can tailor it for applying for different jobs. For example, you have a good experience in both finance and accounting. But when you apply for an accounting job, you will strongly focus on your abilities and achievements in the accounting section of your resume.

Fit on one page:

Recruiters don’t have much time to read your entire resume. They look for key points of their interest therefore try to confine all your details to just one page.


Getting fancy by adding pictures and colors:

Sticking to the basic resume template is always a better way to please resume robots. Unless you are working for the fashion industry, you are not required to include pictures or colors in your resume.

Asking no one for proofreading:

You cannot deny the importance of someone professional proofreading your resume but a friend can also be a great help in case you don’t get professional help. When we proofread our own writing, we can easily miss mistakes because our brains tend to fill in missing information or overlook errors we’ve made.

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