These little joys make your daily life better

The way you chose to look at life has a major impact on how you go about living it. You have a choice either to dwell on the things that are out of your control or take a moment to pause and look around to admire the blessings in your life.

You live a life where happiness isn’t promised but joy is always a possibility. Things can start to change if you are willing to enter an open mindset and enjoy the little joys that you are blessed with. Following are the little joys that make your life worth living:

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Waking up from an amazing dream:

It may have happened to you many times that you woke up from an amazing dream and then you drift off again to surprisingly continue the same dream. Seeing a good dream makes you happy and there is nothing better to start your day with a lot of inner happiness.

Beautiful masterpieces in the sky:

The sky is like a canvas and you see masterpieces within it each morning and evening. You may have never realized that not one of the sunset or sunrise is the same because never paints it the same every time. This, if observed deeply, can leave you in complete awe.

When you have extra batteries:

This happens to everyone where the batteries in something go out and you find the new ones in your home. This little moment of joy can give you immense happiness and confidence in your abilities to plan before anything uncertain happens.

Good compliments:

Many days are very tough and boring. You feel like there is nothing to be happy about but then someone gives you a good compliment on your hair or dress. It feels like everything brightens up and you feel less stressed as compared to before.

Listening to your favorite song in the car:

Sometimes you are thinking of a song you like and surprisingly it is being played when you turn on the radio in the car. You start singing it embarrassingly at a high volume and don’t even care for anything. That’s a moment when you feel really happy and enjoy every bit of it.

Seeing small acts of kindness:

The acts of kindness are such an uplifting thing to see whether you know the people doing it or not. Showing love and kindness to strangers always makes you happy and encourages you to do the same.

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