These Companies Will Lose Their Supremacy As the Way To Work Changes

I presented freelancers with my 5 ‘C’s of Freelancing You Need To Know To Ace The Game because I believe, that is what is essential for every remote worker to succeed as a freelancer. This was written from individual’s perspective but there a flip side to the coin too, the companies who have extreme authority in the today’s competitive race will lose out in the competition in the times to come.

Why do I say this, I say this because of the recent stats that reflect the change in work force, essentially how people around the world now prefer to work and honestly, that has increased productivity too. That tide shift in the choice is ‘freelancing’, workers prefer working from home, many have opted for freelancing quitting their 9-5 job and firing their employer.

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When Jack Ma said In 30 yrs people will work only 4 hours a day, many did not  understand that perspective but if you look at the freelancing stats stated in my 5’C’s of freelancing post, people free working at stretch for 4-5 hours and getting the job done and that too from the comfort of their homes.

The companies that do not adapt to this change in workforce would lose out to their competitive advantage soon, much like Nokia that did not foresee the smart phone industry and users and lost out the cell phone competition to iPhone and Samsung around year 2k.

All these fortune 500 will sooner need to embrace remote work as this seems to be a preferred way of working by the employees. Factoring in the online work, that definitely influences the way people prefer to work. Online work is lucrative, there is no boss and earning opportunity is unlimited.

I made US$ one million when I was in my early thirties and that too within a decade of my online working and living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am sure, this must be the case of many good freelancers all over the world too. People prefer working from the comfort of couch at home, at their own pace by choosing their own work hours.

Younger generation is loving this new way of work. Question is, are the current big companies willing to change themselves for this new workforce or are they preparing to become, yet another Nokia.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)