Is the dominance of ‘Big 3’ good? – 2 out of 3 dollars spent online go to Facebook, Google and Amazon

Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren is focused on consumer protection. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign posted a “Break Up Big Tech” billboard in San Francisco. She wants to break the tech giants dominance to protect the online world.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Rises In The Polls Ahead Of First Democratic Debate and we all know that apart from her political agenda to win the primaries and defeat President Trump in the elections, she is also focused on breaking up the ‘Big Tech’.

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So, what is so alarming about the ‘Big 3’ that has prompted Senator Warren to take this issue up?

Let’s take a look.

Three tech giants, Facebook, Google and Amazon hold online dominance and over 98% of online advertisement is done on these three businesses.

According to a report by Business Insider, a chart by eMarketer shows the market captured by the ‘Big 3’. More than 2 out of 3 dollars spent on an advertisement online in the US goes to one of the three companies.

37.2% of digital ad spending is done on Google, 22.1% on Facebook and 8.8% is done on Amazon.

Similarly, 83.3% of social spending is done on Facebook. Google has slightly higher mobile ad spending share at 33% followed by Facebook at 30.8%.

The eCommerce sales share goes to Amazon at 37.7%

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