Telegram Launches Stories to Compete with Social Media Giants

The Stories feature on Telegram, which is similar to Instagram’s Status feature and WhatsApp‘s Stories feature, has been announced. Telegram asserts that it developed the new feature in response to frequent requests from users. Telegram acknowledges the significance of user feedback and aims to innovate within existing formats, despite Pavel Durov’s initial reservations about the ubiquitous nature of Stories.

Durov claims that the impending Stories highlight on Wire will focus on security by permitting clients to characterize who can see their accounts definitively. Stories can be made visible to everyone, select contacts, a specific list of Close Friends, or only contacts with some exceptions. This granular control guarantees clients can impart content to the ideal crowd.

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Stories will be placed in an expandable section at the top of the chat list on Telegram in order to maximize screen space. According to Durov, this user interface grants access without sacrificing a valuable chat area. In addition, in the Contacts section, users can move stories from particular contacts to a “Hidden” list.

The ability to add captions, which provide additional context, links, and the option to tag other users will also be available in Telegram’s Stories. Double camera support permits synchronous catching from the front and back cameras, utilizing the outcome of Wire’s Video Messages.

Telegram has also added optional ephemerality, which lets users choose when stories end, from 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours in the future. Stories can also be displayed permanently on the user’s profile page, each with its own privacy settings.

Durov claims that with the assistance of Stories Wire, clients can investigate content from their nearest contacts and find more about others in gatherings or channel remarks. Besides, the impending component to repost messages from stations to stories will enhance the openness and draw in additional endorsers, making it more straightforward for content to circulate around the web on Wire.

Stories on Telegram are currently in the final testing phase and should be available at the beginning of July. The platform anticipates that this feature will expand Telegram’s capacity for social interaction.

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