Supercharge your mind, body, and metabolism with 7 of these five-minute routine

Getting up in the morning and getting ready for work is dreaded by most of the people. A lot of time gets wasted on just trying to bring you on track. It sometimes feels that sadness enfolds you and make it more difficult you get up. You feel don’t feel sleepy but there is a heaviness that keeps holding you down.

If you are one of those people who face trouble getting up and staying active, then following is a five minute routine that you can adopt to supercharge your mind, body, and metabolism for anything.

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Stretch and stretch a bit longer:

You must have seen people getting up and stretch in order to wake up a bit. But if you want to stay active for long, you must stretch a bit longer. Stretching increases the blood circulation and warms the muscles to prepare them for the working of the whole day.

Get up with the alarm:

It feels so good to turn off the alarm clock when it rings but this makes you feel sleepier. The best way is to set up the alarm a few minutes earlier and jump off the bed as soon as it rings. It will help you get over the temptation to go back to sleep again.

Creating a routine:

You need to set an internal clock that reminds you every day of your routine for getting up in the morning. Tell yourself that you will sleep for a limited amount of time and will be ready to perform your daily tasks. This will make you feel completely ready as soon as the alarm rings.

Water first:

According to experts, drinking one liter of water after getting up in the morning is best for your metabolism. It gets your digestive track moving. It also helps to reduce the feelings of bloating from the day before. Get used to drinking water instead of taking coffee or tea first thing in the morning.

Lift your legs:

You may not have time to go for a walk or do a workout in the morning. Therefore take out few minutes to do some leg stretches and squats to warm up the muscles in your body. It is pretty easy to do and most people do these stretched while brushing their teeth or combing your hair. Leg raises are really helpful to feel awake in the morning.

Stay away from phone:

Try to avoid your phone for first few minutes of starting your day because this is the time you need to set yourself up for the day’s work. Before checking your phone, get dressed, eat a good breakfast, and give a good look to your planner as it will help to make you feel less anxious about the day.

Quiet your mind:

The best way to getting started is to take a moment off from the outside world. This can be done best with meditating. Reset your thoughts and do not carry on the negativity from the previous day.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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