Study habits for college students who get good grades


For many people, college is a major period of transition. It is not only an important academic experience but also pressurizes students to succeed in the classroom along with balancing other aspects of life. This college life is sometimes not an ideal life to live in; it becomes messy, chaotic, and certainly unpredictable. So in this situation, you need to know about the basics for studying.

Following are the most important three things if you want to get good grades:

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Learn to manage time:

Schools allow students to remain more scheduled because of the strict routines that have been set for them. But when they enter college life, this strict routine is taken away from them and they are considered capable of managing their own time. They are dumped in a completely different environment which, unfortunately, for some students become difficult to handle. But the basic thing as a student you should do is focus towards managing your own time. Manage time for studying and completion of your assignments. A paper calendar may sound old-school but it is the best when it comes to managing your routine. Even keep a check of your hours and avoid the distractions. Write everything on that calendar from assignments, deadlines, tests, to your chores including laundry and shopping.

Know your learning style:

When it comes to study, all students have different learning styles. It is important for you to know your own. If you need a quiet environment, then study in a library. But otherwise you can wear noise-blocking headphones that can be plugged into nothing. Focus on what things you need while you study and even check which temperature is best for you to stay active.

Learn about the ways you want to remember your notes, re-write them, or consolidate them into something more organized. Determine how best you can remember things, either highlight as you read, take notes, or read it out loud.

Refrain from skipping classes:

When students reach college, one of the biggest freedoms they find is that there are no teachers to force them for attending their class. This makes most of them to take classes easy and skip whenever they want. But in reality, this is the biggest mistake they make. You cannot repeat what happens in class in any way. You may get the notes but you cannot become a part of the conversation that goes on between the teacher and the students.

Therefore, your biggest responsibility as a learner is that you don’t skip any class and remain present and attentive every time. You cannot understand what the teacher wants to convey through another person’s notes.

It may sound fun to skip a class at some time but it makes you fall down from your grades unknowingly.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)