Stop expecting these 6 things from others if you want to observe positive changes in your life

Misplaced expectations can be the biggest disappointment in your life and it is especially true when it comes to your relationships and expectations from others. When you have unreasonable expectation from other people, you put yourself through unnecessary suffering. Basic things like respect are reasonable to be expected but when you count on anything other than that, it may leave you sorely disappointed. But tempering of your expectations from other people can free you from unnecessary frustration and suffering.

Following are the things you need to stop expecting from others if you want to observe positive changes that arrive in your life:

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  • Others to validate your worth:

What other people say about you, is a reflection of their expectations and are not capable to emotionally or mentally confirm your worth. Therefore, stop expecting other people to validate your worth because your values and beliefs lie within yourself.

  • Depending on praise and appreciation:

When you do good things, you receive praise from others. But if you start doing good things only because you are hungry for appreciation and praise, you will end up in disappointment. Never do things because you want other people to appreciate it. Instead, do things that you actually want. When you feel you have done something commendable, pat yourself on the back, and don’t care what others see.

  • Waiting for motivation:

Don’t expect other people to motivate you to achieve your goals. Become your own cheerleader and do not hesitate to take actions that take you towards your goals. When you sit around and wait for motivation to hit you, you waste time and gain nothing.

  • Depending on other people’s perspectives:

Every person’s life is different and whatever experiences they have, are their own and unique. No one has ever lived the life you are living and the experiences you have faced. These experiences form your current view of life. So do not expect others to make you understand who you are, allow yourself to dive deep inside and be aware of your own self.

  • Others to give you joy:

It is very common for people to link their happiness with achievement of certain things. But joy and happiness come from within and when you see the good in things that are already present in your life. You are living in a cauldron of life but only if you are willing to look at it.

  • Asking for solutions:

Whenever problems arise, you run to people for help. But when the problem is in your life, how can others find the solution to it? No one suggests solutions to problems that set right with you. Do not expect other people to come to your rescue, instead, take action yourself and adjust as needed.



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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)