Stay Connected and Share Content: WhatsApp Adds Usernames and Screen Sharing

New features being developed by WhatsApp include screen sharing and usernames. In the Android beta version, the username feature was discovered. This feature lets WhatsApp users choose a unique username for their account.

Users may be able to locate one another in the future without the need for a phone number thanks to the functionality. End-to-end encryption is used for conversations that are begun using a username.

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Additionally, beta testers of the Android app discovered a brand-new screen-sharing feature on  After confirming and clicking the screen-sharing button, users may begin sharing the content on their screens during video calls. According to screenshots, the function also captures the shared section of the call.

A “status archive” setting that enables businesses to archive statuses after 24 hours and later reshare them is among the additional features that are now being rolled out to some beta testers. The status archive function appears to be exclusive to enterprises so far.

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