Startup Chile’s 18th Generation of Startups Includes Pakistani Startup Botsify

Pakistan based startup Botsify has made it to Latin America’s leading accelerator Startup Chile’s first cohort of 2017. The news came in as Startup Chile announced its 18th generation of startups.

The selected startups hail from different countries. The break up is as follows:

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  • Chile (42.7%)
  • US (14%)
  • India and Argentina (6.7%)

7.2% of the entrepreneurs of this generation are Europeans mainly from the UK and France.

It is quite an achievement that among these 100 startups, the only startup to represent Pakistan is Botsify.

After the announcement of Messenger API by Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s annual f8 conference in 2016, the artificially intelligent chatbots have become popular among businesses to keep their consumers engaged. But, creating a chatbot is no child’s play. Or maybe, it wasn’t until Botsify jumped into the scene.

Botsify is an easy-to-use tool that enables people to create their own chatbots with zero coding involved.

This Pakistani startup attracted attention after it got listed on Product Hunt and ever since, has had a number of local and international clients, such as RemoteInterview, Al-Jazeera, Shazam and many others.

Currently, more than 23,000 users have created over 18,000 chatbots using Botsify and the numbers are continually growing.

The co-founders Usama Nouman and TalhaYasin expressed their gratitude to The Nest I/O, P@SHA’s tech incubator, upon this development.

“We are excited to be a part of Startup Chile. It is a great achievement for all of us at Botsify that we have made it to the list as sole representatives of Pakistan. We’d like to thank all our mentors and supporters, especially The Nest I/O for their constant love and support”.

Startup Chile is a public accelerator backed by the government of Chile to nurture entrepreneurship. It has facilitated entrepreneurs, hailing from 80 different countries.

The accelerator will be mentoring the shortlisted entrepreneurs along with a 30,000 USD grant and provision of a work visa for 1 year.


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