Start Freelance Journey To Overcome Burnout, As Revealed By Fiverr’s Research.

Start Freelance Journey To Overcome Burnout, As Revealed By Fiverr's Research.

According to a recent survey, freelancing not only combats burnout but also proves beneficial for businesses, as reported by both employers and workers. In the post-COVID era, employees are increasingly seeking freedom from the traditional 9-to-5 office structure.

Business leaders acknowledge the value that skilled and adaptable freelancers bring to their companies. Fiverr, the online marketplace for the freelance community, conducted this research involving 1,500 workers and employers in the United States.

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The company adopted its name from the initial $5 starting price it implemented for work projects during its launch in 2010.

Conducted last month by UK-based Censuswide, the research revealed that more than half of surveyed workers (54 percent) acknowledged experiencing burnout or mental health issues attributed to work in the past year. The prevalence was most notable in the finance sector (58%) and the IT industry (55%).

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Across all sectors, employees attributed their burnout to demanding workloads (47%), unhealthy company culture (39%), and managerial pressure (41%).

“At the conclusion of a demanding year, many workers are reassessing their connection to work,” stated Gali Arnon, Fiverr’s Chief Business Officer, Marketplace. US workers are suffering from a widespread epidemic of burnout due to pressures related to returning to the office, following a 9 to 5 schedule, stress from managers, and a lack of free time.

Fiverr reports that an overwhelming majority of business leaders (85%) acknowledge the increasing vulnerability of their staff to burnout, yet many neglect to provide resources to address this issue. Most recognize that this failure adversely affects their ability to retain employees, leading many to view freelancers as a crucial solution.

Nearly half of those surveyed (48%) already engage with freelancers and plan to continue doing so. Furthermore, many mentioned that freelancers help their full-time representatives with their jobs.

From the workers’ perspective, freelancing is generally seen as a critical supporter of psychological wellness, prosperity, and a balance between serious and fun activities. Seventy-four percent of respondents said they planned to start or continue freelance work in 2024.

“The renewed emphasis on passion-driven work and work-life balance is driving more individuals toward freelancing, a trend that is likely to persist in 2024,” remarked Arnon.

“The majority of business leaders acknowledge that their full-time employees are grappling with burnout and are increasingly relying on external talent. Freelancers expand company bandwidth, bring new skills to the organization, and allow for greater flexibility.”

Tel Aviv-based Fiverr went public on the New York Stock Exchange in June 2019, boasting over 4 million customers worldwide who have engaged with its freelance talent in the past year.

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