Sorry, WhatsApp is not the best messaging App and here is why


Ever since WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and its original co-founders have resigned from the company citing issues with Mark Zuckerberg; particularly on introducing advertisement in the app, things are not exactly the same with the world’s most widely used messaging App.

WhatsApp initially started on the phone number model, people could add other people in their phone contact list and that’s all. The original concept has not changed much and also with huge number of subscribers in the platform, its actually not the most securest of app.

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The world’s most widely used messaging App has some concerns which raises the eye brow about its frequently use. Let’s take a look at those concerns.

WhatsApp reduces image quality:

Unlike its parent company Facebook which compresses the pictures and videos but does not reduce the content quality, WhatsApp does not function that way precisely. the images with 16:9 aspect ratios are reduced to about 800*450 therefore compromising on the image quality.

Privacy is the largest concern:

WhatsApp makes phone numbers public. Any one can get your personal phone number through WhatsApp messenger. This compromises your privacy.

One Device at a time:

You can only use WhatsApp on one phone number and one phone. Although, WhatsApp web is pretty handy which can be used on your computer using a browser, it does not support voice and video calls which is the biggest feature of WhatsApp and most commonly used worldwide. This gives competitive advantage to Facebook messenger over WhatsApp.

It’s not secure:

WhatsApp stores your chat logs in SD cards, It can be read by other apps since most of the people give all the access to the apps on their phones. WhatsApp used SQLite3 database, it can easily be converted to Excel for instant access.



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