Snake on a Plane

Dangerous animals on a plane can make an entertaining movie but in real life, it gives a chill down our spine to travel with an unexpected traveler. It is very difficult to imagine being trapped with a surprising wanderer during a flight. But the passengers on Sunday’s Aero Mexico flight from Torreon to Mexico City went through a terrifying experience.

This was a unique but terrifying experience for passengers as they spotted a live snake during their journey. It was a massive snake that slithered from the overhead compartment scaring the living daylights out of every passenger. The air traffic control allowed the flight to make a priority landing because of the presence of an animal.

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A quick landing was made soon after the snake was discovered in the cabin. After landing safely in Mexico City, the workers of the animal control crew captured the snake. The snake was a venomous green viper and authorities are investigating how it got onto the plane at first place. Thankfully passengers were not hurt but the procedures are being carried out to avoid such incidents in future.

Via: 9 News

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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