Slack is making it easier for freelancers, administrators

The cloud-based team collaboration tool Slack that was aimed for organizational communication has been slowly turning into a community platform. It has been making efforts to streamline the process for granting temps and Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 14.45.12 an access to a team’s communication.

Although the administration always has the authority to selectively give guest account access to certain channels but for improving the process, Slack has recently introduced two new updates. This will make it easy for the administrators to manage and keep tracks of guest accounts. With Slack’s updates, administrators will be able to set specific time limits for how long each guest account should remain active and it does not require manual monitoring of the accounts.

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This additional functionality will make it more convenient for the administrators as Slack itself will send out deactivation notifications to both the admin as well as to the guest. These notifications will be sent two days in advance. This will enable the admins either opt to cut off or extend the access for the guest account they want to.

Slack is making the process more efficient by updating the guest profiles. This will make it possible to easily figure out until when the freelancers or temps will remain active. An additional banner over the guest’s profiles is also included in the chat platform to indicate whether the operating individual is a single or a multi-channel guest. According to company’s research, more than two-thirds of all paid Slack teams are actually guest accounts; therefore, this feature will make the third-party vendors less stressful.

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