Skype finally gets the most awaited feature everyone always wanted

Skype has over 300 million monthly users but recently its growth has been static. That prompted Skype, a Microsoft product to come up with an innovation to attract new users alongside retaining existing ones. The biggest challenge Skype has been facing is to stop users leaving the platform and move to its competitors.

Finally, Skype after its 15 years of existence will let you record calls on on the app. You’ve waited so long for this feature on Skype right?. It is such an important feature that Skype actually has a list of third party applications that help you record the conversations on its FAQ page.

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It is amazing to see that answer to this important question has been on Skype FAQ page for very long time, yet the company took this long to come-up with a built-in feature to record a conversation.

Lack of this feature has actually resulted in decrease in Skype popularity despite of its excellent voice and video quality. It was about time, this feature had to be introduced because Skype users were leaving the platform and moving to its competitors.

The new feature will be released as an update to version 8.0 of Skype, which is available now on Skype website.










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