Skype 8 is a Major Update with HD Video and Other Features

Skype is upgraded to include some new, interesting features in the new version.

In view of an intense competition with the more popular services, Skype is releasing more updates to stay in. Skype 8.0 is expected with enhanced security and other features, followed by a redesign in 2017.

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The major update is the HD Video conversion feature that 24 people can conduct at a time. The feature “@” is now visible with the reaction emojis in group conversations.

Other Cool Stuff

Besides getting a new place, the Notifications tab is furnished with color-coded messages customization. Users can now share up to 300 mb files, photos and videos. The users can also view their contents in a separate media gallery.

Microsoft is still halting advanced features for the upcoming versions of Skype. The list may include End-to-end encryption with a call recording feature, profile invites and links for group calls. In older versions, the users had to use third party add-ons for call recording, which will no longer be required.

Skype Classic is Dead

Skype Classic will be available till September 1st. Skype 8.0 will be shut down and Microsoft will no longer offer support after that. Considering a lesser popularity in users, not much is expected to be missed once the new features take over.

With 300 million users, Skype has seen a slow growth in recent years. The services is counting on the new features to attract the much needed new users, however, it may not make a mark since the other networks already offer the video recording feature.

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