Top Skills All Great Leaders Have

All leaders have different skills. There isn’t a set list of skills that you need to be a good leader, and often the specifics depend on the industry that you work in, and the people that you lead. There are, however, some skills that are useful for all managers in all industries to have. The very best leaders often have most, if not all of these skills in their arsenal. 

Excellent Communication

Communication skills are important to all managers. Great managers can communicate well in written formats as well as verbally, they can get messages across and share information effectively, but they can also listen to other people and extract the information that they need efficiently.

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A Positive Attitude

It’s easy to be positive when things are going well. However, a positive attitude is even more essential when things aren’t going well, as this is when you need to lift morale and motivate others. The best managers can look at the positives, and even find some when they aren’t immediately obvious. They can pass on this positive attitude to others and improve the mood in the office when it is low. 

The Ability to Delegate Well

Poor managers make one of two mistakes. Some try to do everything for themselves, thinking that they are the only people that can complete tasks well. This can be very bad for morale and gives the impression that they don’t trust their team. Others delegate poorly, shouting orders and making demands of people without effective communication

The best managers don’t just delegate, they delegate well, taking the time to identify the best person for the job, communicating the outcomes they are looking for, and boosting morale at the same time. 

The Ability to Inspire Others

Great leaders are often great because they surround themselves with the right people and get the best out of those that work for them. The ability to inspire others is a crucial skill. 

Quick Thinking

In business, things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes there’s no time to think about decisions or weigh up the pros and cons. Excellent leaders can make decisions quickly and efficiently even in high-pressure situations. 


It’s naïve to think that there will never be problems that need to be solved. Poor managers panic when there’s a problem or something has gone wrong. Good managers spot solutions and can even see problems as opportunities. 


No one is good at everything. Even the very best leaders and managers have weaknesses. But the best of them also have excellent self-awareness. They know what their weaknesses are. This knowledge helps them to delegate things that they need help with and lets them know what they need to improve. People who know what their weaknesses are and want more effective leadership skills can take the right courses, learn from the right people, and improve where needed. People who are lacking in self-awareness often foolishly believe they are good at everything and see no reason for self-improvement. 

The best leaders are those who are always looking for ways to improve their skills and learn more about their industry. Fortunately, this means that anyone can become great, as long as they have the desire to learn. 

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