See what ads you clicked on Facebook recently

A Recent Ad activity has been rolled out by Facebook which allows users to check if they clicked an ad and even want to see it again. This activity is being tested in U.S. For now but Facebook is considering which countries to test this feature in. this Recent Ad Activity can be found in the bookmarks sidebar of the platform’s mobile applications as well as on the desktop site.

With the help of the Recent Ad Activity, Facebook users will be able to see what ads they have clicked, like, commented or even shared over the past three months. Also, the platform provides a tab where users can purposefully save the ads they want to see again. For now, Facebook has completely denied revealing the contents of the ads to public. The platform does not want to disclose the mentioning of the ads and their targeting as this is thane exclusive business secret of its customers.

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According to experts, the Recent Ad Activity feature can be of very much advantage to the Facebook advertisers who want to remember. This update will allow users to click open an old ad and connect to it in whatever desired. This will give a lot of credit to Facebook for driving purchases to businesses. This activity can remind users to just connect to Facebook, click on the forgotten ads, and provide the platform the data which can be used convince advertisers to spend more.

Post and Pic via Tech Crunch

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