Seasonal greetings by Facebook on the top of the news feed

Facebook is now including weather greetings into its platform. After introducing Friends Day and various interesting messages at the top of its new feed; Facebook has now rolled this animation in order to contribute for the changing seasons.

Starting with the spring season, users may get to see animated messages with birds and butterflies for celebrating the first day of the season. People will be seeing the animations according to the place they are living; for example, people living in Northern Hemisphere will get to see animations of falling leaves. But the animations will be appearing only in the mobile devices of both iOS and Android users.

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These newly designed animations are created by Facebook’s internal team of artists and illustrators. They have used vector based graphics and motions and cut paper. The only purpose of these new animations is no other than to announce the beginning of whatever kind of season user is living in. These will be nothing more than cheering up the day for users and giving them something to share with their friends and family.

Facebook has always believed in giving people the opportunity to fully express them without any limitations and the sole purpose of this feature by Facebook’s Goodwill Team is to make people share their feelings and connect with things that matter to them. In addition to the messages that pop in the News Feed, it includes experiences such as birthdays, anniversary videos, as well as On This Day feature. These are the kinds of events which people are interested in sharing.

When users will click on the new greetings, this will trigger a Facebook post that can be edited with a user’s own message and content. The post then will read you are “Welcoming Spring (or fall) etc. by including a larger seasonal graphic as a part of the post.

This feature might not be as big as others that have been incorporated on the platform but it will be a great way for increasing personal sharing on the network.

Via: Tech Crunch

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