Scientists Say, Apple AirPods, Wireless Headphones can cause you cancer

250 scientists from 40 different countries have issued a report and initiated a petition with the WHO (World Health Organization) to create awareness and warn people about the downside of radiations. Apple AirPods are not safe. They can cause you cancer and regularly using AirPods puts you on higher risk of cancer.

Doctors say these wireless headphones can put you on the risk of cancer because of the high frequency of radiation. National Institute of health last year looked at rats with prolonged exposure to radiation who later ran into health problems such as heart cancer, brain cancer. These headphones, despite the distance from the brain, disturb the cells and by distracting the brain cells, these headsets could put you at a serious health risk, eventually causing a brain or even a heart cancer.

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The real problem on hands is, Apple sold at least 28 million pairs of Air-Pods in 2018. The Apple Jury is looking into these claims by the scientists.

There’s no question that bluetooth headphones emit radiation, but that doesn’t mean you need to give them up, tells Dr. Michael Schulder, Director of Northwell Health’s Brain Tumor Center in Lake Success, New York.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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