Saudi Arabia Announces Fully-Funded Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Saudi Arabia Announces Fully-Funded Scholarships for Pakistani Students

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced its commitment to bolstering educational opportunities for Pakistani students by offering an additional 100 fully funded scholarships. This expansion builds upon the existing 600 scholarships, bringing the total to 700 scholarships available for Pakistani students.

These scholarships will be granted for various academic levels, including Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs, at 25 prestigious Saudi universities.

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Eligibility for Pakistani Students

The Pakistani government office in Riyadh has affirmed that the two Pakistani students living in Saudi Arabia and those in Pakistan are qualified to apply for these scholarships. This inclusivity intends to give educational opportunities to a different range of Pakistani students.

Distribution of Scholarships

Out of the 700 scholarships, 75% will be held for students living in Pakistan, while the excess 25% will be granted to Pakistani students previously residing in Saudi Arabia. This portion guarantees a fair distribution of chances between students in Pakistan and those in Saudi Arabia.

How to Apply

To make the most of this remarkable opportunity, intrigued people can visit the official website for additional subtleties. The application process and other fundamental data can be tracked down on the assigned site. designated website.

Highlighting Pakistani Talent on a Global Stage

The decision to expand scholarships reflects Saudi Arabia’s recognition of the remarkable talent and potential possessed by Pakistan’s youth. Thousands of Pakistani students are currently pursuing their education in renowned universities worldwide, contributing to the global academic community and showcasing the excellence of Pakistan’s emerging talents.

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