Samsung Will Make $110 for Every iPhone X Sold

When it comes to the success of iPhoneX, Samsung is going to be its biggest fan. Surprised?. yes you are reading it correctly. It is because Samsung stands to make about $110 from every iPhoneX sold.

Analysts believe Samsung could make as big as $4 billion more from iPhone x than it did with Galaxy S8. According to The Wall Street Journal, if sale of iPhoneX goes out as expected, Samsung will be making more money than its own Flagship model Galaxy S8.

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Wondering what is the deal here?. Actually Apple reached out to Samsung for creation of OLED display, NAND flash, and DRAM chips in the iPhoneX. Currently, only Samsung has this capability of addressing such a huge volume request from Apple, which means Apple has to buy the parts from Samsung.

Samsung is all set to make billion of dollars if iPhoneX sales go as planned.

Via: Fortune

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