Samsung Galaxy S10 Will be The First Phone to Feature 1TB Storage

As Samsung Galaxy S10 launch is very near on 20th February, many leaks have surfaced internet claiming the exact specs of Samsung’s 10th, special edition. It is being said, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ could well be the hottest new smartphones the world has seen in years.

The latest news is, Samsung’s S10’s will have 1TB storage option, this space is more than many laptops in the world.

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1TB internal storage will be “industry first”. It will create a smartphone history as user won’t need external SD cards for storage. It is also heard that Samsung may also un-veil the folding device on 20th Feb.

Galaxy S10 will have a better battery optimization and also has an advanced cooling system. Also Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have 3 Cameras and will also include an On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor.

Here is all you need to know about S10, a video leak on XEETECHCARE YouTube Channel.


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