Samsung Galaxy S10 to include an On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Galaxy 10 is all set to be launched, with an on-screen fingerprint scanner. The scanner will reportedly use ultrasonic technology far better than the regular fingerprint sensors used in the older versions.

The new 2018 flagships like the Vivo NEX S and Xiaomi MI 3 Explorer Edition already include the feature despite being a new addition.

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The new ultrasonic mode for capturing fingerprints was added by Samsung for ultrasonic mode due to its faster speed than the optical ones. It’s not effected by dust or grease and fires high-frequency acoustic waves to read the surface.

Samsung’s head of mobile DJ Koh organized a conference with Galaxy fans in Chinese city Wuhan, as seen on ShungNin on a Chinese social network. Koh gave a heads up to the audience for the company’s intensions of the new ultrasonic sensor in Galaxy 10, replacing the older optical under the screen sensor.

A well known Samsung Analyst Ming-Chi Kou later described that the new ultrasonic sensor will be included in Samsung’s 10th Anniversary flagship, to be used in two of three S10 variants. The Galaxy flagship is split into three variants including two large (6.1 and 6.4 inch S10’s) and a cheaper 5.8 inch model which are also expected in the upcoming iPhone.

The larger, 6.1-inch and 6.4-inch variants are expected to include the new ultrasonic sensor in-display fingerprint readers. The 5.8-inch budget version variant will most likely include a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

The Mi 8 Explorer Edition and Vivo’s NEX phones have the optical reader working well but fall short of performance at times. Samsung has managed to come up with some of the best, well rounded devices in the previous flagships and this new iteration might be the best product by the mega phone company.

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