Samsung Galaxy Note7 Battery Safe Phones Are Now Officially Available

Good News, With a continuous struggle to win the smartphone war, the cell phone provider company, Samsung has come under a lot of pressure for making its customers happy with the devices. Recently the company has shown the influence of its product market by revealing some of its latest facts with the public. According to Samsung, more than one million customers globally are using variant of the Galaxy Note 7. It also includes the replaced battery phones and luckily so far, no complaints. The news was revealed on Samsung official website.

In order to accommodate sales strategies, the sales of the new Galaxy Note7 started in Korea from October 1st and will be available in the global market very soon.

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“Along with the several other experience zones showcasing Samsung’s latest product, guests have crowded our Galaxy Note7 experience zone since this morning,” said Junghyun Kim, Manager of the Seoul-based Samsung D’light shop on Samsung official website

Many people are very excited to see the IRIS feature, an eye scanner, one of the new introduction in smart phones. Many existing Galaxy users visited the store and replaced their existing phones with the latest cell phones.

The company also shared that Galaxy Note 7’s explosion complaints are taken very seriously and focuses all its efforts to examine such faulty handsets.

Featured Photo Credit : Samsung Website
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