Galaxy Fold 2 to cost under $900 and launch in February 2020

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Fold earlier in April. The phone did not become an instant hit, could not revolutionize and conquer expected sales mountains, however,  Samsung did get a fair idea about how to make it accessible to stay ahead of the smartphone competition.

In order to compete with the luxurious iPhone 11, Samsung has not given up on the idea of making folding phones a reality. Samsung is coming back with Fold 2 and this time, it would cost under US $900.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be pretty much similar to Galaxy Fold but would cost less than half the price.

Samsung is eyeing the mass adoption of foldable phones. The company aims to make it the next trend, something that would become a new “cool”. Galaxy Fold 2, is rumored to launch in February 2020 alongside Galaxy S11.

Samsung aims to sell 6 million foldable phones in 2020 and 20 million by 2021. These were the numbers given to Korea Herold by a Samsung Analyst, Chio Bo-Young.

The reason why Galaxy Fold could not make much impact was because of the high price. Now with a new price of under $900, the Galaxy Fold 2 may well be all set to announce itself on a larger scale.

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