Samsung could be developing its own BlockChain smartphone

It seems that the world’s leading mobile company is aware of the need to securely store the cryptocurrency and the blockchain encryption keys. The company claimed that it has the best security for storing cryptocurrency. It was disagreed on a global level by many of the renowned experts but now the company plans on building on the functionality of its current devices.

Spotted by Galaxy Club, Samsung submitted three European trademark requests for its blockchain-based smartphone features which are named as the “Blockchain KeyStore,” “Blockchain key box,” and “Blockchain Core.”. Other brands such as HTC and Sirin labs may be joining later as makers of the blockchain smartphones.

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Samsung is right now working on a kind of hardware wallet to be created into its future devices. It has been stated by the trademark documents that the trademarks will apply to the smartphone devices.

Earlier this year, Samsung claimed that its smartphones had the best security for storing cryptocurrency

The idea of decentralized apps running on your phone is no doubt exciting and has crypto nerds beaming with joy. But with $761 million in cryptocurrency thefts this year alone, security is not something anyone will take lightly. Perhaps, this is the right time for Samsung to develop a blockchain phone made for cryptocurrency storage and truly back up its own statements.

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