Said Business School Foundation Scholarships at University of Oxford

Said Business School Foundation Scholarships at University of Oxford

The Saïd Business School Foundation (SBSF) was established in 1998 as a charitable trust with the essential mission of supporting the school in its tenacious journey for greatness.

The Foundation’s central objective is to help the school’s undertakings in exploration, education, and its significance to specialists in the business world. Its conclusive point is to fortify the school’s position as one of the world’s leading instructional organizations.

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Unveiling the Said Business School Foundation Scholarships

What Are the Said Business School Foundation Scholarships?

The Said Business School Foundation Scholarships are esteemed scholarships offered by the Said Business School at the University of Oxford. These scholarships are designed to support exceptional individuals who aspire to become the future leaders of the business world.

Scholarships That Transform Lives

In reality, as we know it, where education is often the way to opening one’s actual potential, these scholarships stand out as encouraging signs. They offer monetary help to remarkable competitors, guaranteeing their academic journey is unhindered by financial constraints. This support extends not only to tuition fees but also covers living expenses, travel costs, and research materials.

Scholarship Details:

The scholarship offers partial awards, typically amounting to £25,000, which help cover course fees.

Number of Scholarships Available

The number of scholarships offered fluctuates annually, but on average, around 50 MBA scholars are beneficiaries.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All MBA applicants are eligible to apply.
  • Preference may be accorded to candidates of African, Middle Eastern, and Latin American nationality.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria may encompass, but are not confined to:

  1. Academic Distinction: Demonstrated through degree results, GMAT or GRE scores, previous university accolades, and other academic accomplishments.
  2. Willingness and Zeal to Represent the School Effectively during and after the program.
  3. Robust Career Advancement and Exceptional Career Prospects.
  4. Proficient Communication Skills and Demonstrated Leadership Abilities or Potential.

How to apply

No supplementary application is necessary. They assess your eligibility using the information provided in your MBA application form.


  • There is no specific application deadline.
  • All eligible offer-holders will be considered during every MBA admissions phase. This funding opportunity will be accessible throughout all three stages.

For more Information Visit: Saïd Business School Foundation (SBSF)

Benefits of the Scholarship

What Awaits Successful Candidates?

  1. Financial Help: Scholarship beneficiaries will have their educational expenses covered, and they will likewise get a liberal living stipend.
  2. Access to Oxford Recourses: As a scholarship holder, you’ll approach the broad assets of the University of Oxford, including a top-notch workforce and examination offices.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Being part of the Said Business School community opens doors to invaluable networking opportunities and connections that can shape your future career.

A Glimpse into the Future

How This Scholarship Can Shape Your Career

The Said Business School Foundation Scholarships don’t just provide financial assistance; they pave the way for a bright future. As a recipient of this scholarship, you’ll join a league of extraordinary individuals destined to shape the business world. The opportunities are boundless, from pursuing groundbreaking research to launching entrepreneurial ventures.


In conclusion, the Said Business School Foundation Scholarships for 2024 present an exceptional opportunity for aspiring business leaders. The financial help, admittance to elite assets, and system administration possibilities are only the start of the remarkable journey that anticipates fruitful applicants. On the off chance that you seek to be a business leader, this scholarship could be the way to reach your maximum capacity.

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