LinkedIn Introduces Advanced AI Features to Enhance Job Search

Linkedin introduced advanced ai features to enhance job seekers

The Microsoft-owned social network LinkedIn, which caters to businesses, revealed on Wednesday that it has exceeded the 1 billion member mark and is rolling out improved artificial intelligence (AI) features for its premium subscribers.

When LinkedIn reaches the billion-user milestone, it joins colleagues in the sector such as Meta Platforms, solidifying its place among the elite social media networks.

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Although it is free to join, LinkedIn also offers subscription services. Customers paying $39.99 a month will get access to innovative AI features that help customers navigate job postings more efficiently. These tools evaluate a user’s profile and provide recommendations on the roles they might be a good fit for. To help a user stand out in the job market, the system might also recommend changes to their profile.

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According to Tomer Cohen, Chief Product Officer of LinkedIn, these features are meant to change the user experience from simply looking for jobs to one that is more effective and empowering. With the help of these AI-driven capabilities, users can now advance significantly in a single session.

LinkedIn also released a new tool on Wednesday, a button that breaks long articles down into manageable bullet points based on the interests and requirements of certain users, in an effort to increase user engagement even further. A stockbroker and a sales professional, for example, might learn different things from the same material.

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