Rock your first day at work by doing these 7 things

Your first day at a new job can be really terrifying. You might be trying to figure out what to wear and where your new cube is while trying to learn the ropes and make a first good impression on your new boss and co-workers. The first day sets the tone for the rest of your career and if you want to make sure that things start on the right foot then you need to keep in mind certain things.

Following are a number of things you need to be careful about on your first day at your new job:

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Focus more towards listening:

The first day of your job may make you curious to learn more in the shortest possible time. But asking too many questions can ruin your entire image. You need to prepare by writing down both practical and general questions regarding your role in the organization. Make a list of managers you think you will meet but contact in HR if you have basic inquiries before beginning your first day.

Get to the office early:

You have to be prepared for the unknown for which you must reach your office earlier than other people. Get there at least fifteen minutes earlier especially if you haven’t done the commute to that place before.

Associate with the co-workers:

Knowing everyone in your office is not enough, you need to know which of the colleagues have better management than others. You need to associate with the right people in order to move up in the ranks of your new employer.

Stay calm:

Your first day will be hectic because of meeting new people and trying to know your role in the organization. Therefore make sure to reach office well rested, prepared and before time. Stay calm during the entire working day and give your best.

Be professional:

Your first day at the office is not the right time to walk around with your coffee mug and become a phenomenal story-teller. Instead be as professional as you were on the day of the interview.

Do not isolate:

You might have packed lunch for your first day at the office and you decline the offer of having a lunch with your boss or co-workers. So, if you are offered to have lunch with them then accept the offer and try to mix with the crowd.

Pay attention to decision-making process:

Aside from listening and observing, your first day at the new job should be spent on focusing on how decisions are made at the company. It is imperative to get along with the culture.

Via: Business Insider

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