Removal of LinkedIn from App stores: A demand by Russia


Two months of blocking of LinkedIn in Russia failed to satisfy the ruling authorities. Because of which the Russian authorities have demanded removal of LinkedIn app from both Google and Apple’s app store. This demand was followed by the government’s request in China for the removal of New York Time’s app from Apple’s app store.

According to the Russian authorities, LinkedIn does not fulfil local laws to be allowed to operate in the country. This law bounds all the internet companies to physically store all data inside the country relating to Russian citizens. And the non-complying companies would face a ban from the country as it is happening with LinkedIn now.

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According to a spokesperson from LinkedIn Nichole Leverich, this decision disagrees to the member of LinkedIn in Russia including the companies that use the platform for expanding their businesses.

There is an increasing pressure on the US tech companies to obey the local laws in countries in which they are providing their services. Apple although being a supporter of open internet, has already acknowledged the Russian government’s request. Google on the other hand has confirmed its agreement with the local laws in countries in which it operates but has declined to give any explanations regarding the issue.

Banning of LinkedIn is also a setback for its new owner Microsoft, which was blamed for snooping on its users in Russia last year. Microsoft was also dumped in favor of the homegrown alternative by the Russian government.

Via: Newyork Times

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