8 good reasons why you should never quit even if you feel the world will fall apart

We all come across moments in life where it seems it is impossible to move on. We feel overwhelmed and talk ourselves in giving up. But the important thing that we don’t realize is that giving up can deprive us of our success. We never know how soon we may start seeing progress if we do not quit.

Following are the few very good reasons that you should never quit even if you feel the world will fall apart:

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Quitting is easy:

Giving up is quite easy and you can do it whenever you want. But if you look the other way round, finding a reason to stay motivated is also easy. Always find a reason that encourages you to stay committed to what you are supposed to do and never quit.

People will be glad to see you quit:

You may feel that when you are struggling, people are happy that you are suffering. But that is not true, many people may not say it but they will be glad when you will quit. They will be glad to see that if they are not making an effort to achieve their goals, you should also not do that. Therefore, instead of proving to them that they are right, show them that you have the ability to make a difference.

You don’t know what will happen:

When you give up, you are completely aware of what the outcomes would be. But if you don’t quit then you will be surprised how things will turn up for you. So, remain curious to find out what will happen next by not quitting.

The consequences of quitting are greater:

By giving up you actually stop the process of your personal and professional growth. Therefore, no matter how bad a situation is, keep going and don’t get disheartened by small failures. Because when you abandon your dreams you pay a much bigger price later in life.

You set yourself to quit again:

When you quit, you set a mental precedent for yourself to quit again believing you don’t have the ability to perform. Never doubt your own abilities and keep going no matter how much price you have to pay for not giving up.

The greater reward:

You need to have a firm belief that the harder your challenges would be, the greater would be your reward. In life, the most meaningful accomplishments come with sacrifice and efforts. You enjoy the real success when you actually push yourself to the limits.

The process develops you:

Once you think that the obstacles and challenges are a learning experience and no matter how difficult the journey is, the entire process shapes you even before the success rewards you. In this way you don’t get to enjoy just one reward, you learn perseverance and patience that stays throughout your life.

The surprises in life make it more exciting:

Before giving up, you must understand that life is full of surprises. If you quit then you will lose the opportunity to explore what’s in there for you. You get to live your life just once so live it with a purpose. Make your life worth living by identifying the cause of your existence.

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