Putting Cadillac’s self-driving Super Cruise technology to the test

Five years have gone by since Cadillac announced that they were working on an advanced system known as the “Super Cruise” that will be able to steer, brake, and lane-center while driving on the highway without the intervention of a human.

For science fiction, the notion of a self-driving car seemed like fodder at the time when Cadillac announced this. It is currently an achievement, with Caddy saying that its Super Cruise system can debut this fall within the North America versions of its flagship CT6 sedan.

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When Cadillac made this announcement, the

Cadillac’s system affords hands-free operation by primarily incorporating the CT6’s existing suite of driver help technology – together with the adjustive controller, blind spot, and lane-monitoring systems – with self-steering systems. Whereas engaged, Super Cruise can maintain a secure distance between the vehicle and traffic ahead at a speed selected by the motorist and can keep the automobile centered within lane markers

According to Robb Bolio who is one of the lead engineers for autonomous-drive vehicles at General Motors

“This will take driving to a whole new level,”

Bolio also said that

“Super Cruise lets you do other things, like make phone calls, but it is not tedious or stressful. Moreover, on top of all that, it enhances your safety when you are driving.”

Bolio and other Cadillac executives expect that the Super Cruise can be a game changer — this kind of technology that may prompt automobile consumers to contemplate Cadillac rather than passing on the GM brand and choosing for Mercedes, BMW or Lexus.

However, over something, Super Cruise is GM’s answer to Tesla’s Autopilot technology, which created an enormous splash once it had been introduced two years ago. Autopilot dominates the oral communication once automobile consumers and also the general public cite self-driving cars.

An analyst Michelle Krebs, from AutoTrader.com, stated that

“This is a shot across the bow of Tesla, which already has Autopilot,”

Krebs also said that:

“Cadillac is trying to take Tesla on in that category of technology.”

There are some variations between Autopilot by Tesla and Super Cruise by Cadillac.

For added safety, The Super Cruise system in Cadillac includes one thing that Tesla’s controversial Autopilot system lacks, that may specifically be a camera known as the driver attention system on the steering column that watches motorist’s head position. It ensures that he or she is correctly and providentially watching the road and is prepared to re-take the control of the vehicle if needed. If you are not watching the road over a couple of seconds and you are reading a book, texting, or applying makeup or surfing the web on your phone or falling asleep whereas, in Super Cruise mode, the system can provide series of alerts for you to take control.

Steering wheel flashing is the first warning that this system will give you. The CT6 sends an audio warning after the first warning, and therefore the wheel starts flashing red, each telling you to take control of the vehicle.

If you still ignore the warnings and don’t re-engage the automobile, Super Cruise can activate the CT6’s hazard lights and will slow the car’s speed, eventually, take it to a safe stop. At that time, an OnStar operator will reach out to the motorist.

Another key to the system is a sophisticated LiDAR-scanned mapping of the whole U.S., and Canadian road systems that, combined with period knowledge from camera and GPS sensors are said to boost the CTS’ self-driving prowess having the ability to anticipate and react to hills and curves encountered on the way.

For good or bad, however, the system is prescribed to use on “limited access highways,” that can be defined as multi-lane roads outlined as on- and off-ramps – Super Cruise merely won’t work on town streets or rural multi-lane roads.

Barry Walkup who is the system’s chief engineer states that

“While it is technically attainable for the technology to drive hands-free on other forms of roads and streets, we strongly believe that this targeted approach is perfect to build regulatory confidence and enthusiasm for advanced mobility in consumer,”

All this makes this automobile an ideal alternative for a person who drives more on highways or feels sleepy-eyed or needs to do other tasks while driving.

Cadillac gave no word on the pricing or whether or not Super Cruise is offered as a standalone possibility on the 2018 CT6, bundled with alternative options in one or more equipment packages, and offered standard on the top trim levels.

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